March 25, 2021

LAN/WAN Solutions

Click Tactics offers a comprehensive portfolio of LAN/WAN solutions to address all facets of the network lifecycle including integration, operation and ongoing management. broad range of leading LAN/WAN technologies and products including routers, switches, hubs, DSU/CSUs, multiplexers, modems, firewalls, and more from a variety of best-in-class manufacturers. Additionally, companies broad coverage areas essentially guarantee service throughout Country at an affordable price.


Implementing a new network or changing an existing network requires a significant amount of planning, coordination, and technical expertise. The Integration services offered by Click Tactics ease the hassles associated with complex network implementations by providing everything necessary to ensure success. Click Tactics – including Site Surveys, Staging and Onsite Installation – may be utilized individually to augment your existing capabilities or together to provide a turn-key implementation solution.


Network Management

Clicktactics comprehensive portfolio of Network Management services – including fault, configuration and performance management – offers customers peace of mind by minimizing network associated downtime which leads to increased productivity and reduced costs. With two fully-manned,  terms based Network Operations Centers.

The increased efficiencies and productivity gained by mobility have driven the growth and popularity of wireless networks in recent years.  Enterprises and academic institutions have installed Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) in their buildings and on their campuses.  Public businesses, such as coffee shops, restaurants and malls, have begun to offer wireless access to their customers.  And, commercial operators and municipal authorities are deploying large city-wide “WLAN zones” in city centers and residential neighborhoods. To fully realize the benefits, a stable, reliable, and secure wireless environment is critical.

Click Tactics offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless deployment and management services to support the proper implementation .