March 25, 2021

Wireless Management Services

Evolving environments and security challenges make managing a WLAN inherently more complex than a wired LAN.  In a WLAN environment, users are constantly in motion and share a common wireless network infrastructure.  Environmental issues can cause interference and signal degradation.  Rogue access points leave the network susceptible to security threats.  Without a comprehensive management solution that monitors for device failures, performance thresholds and potential security risks, the cost savings and productivity benefits of mobility can be quickly eroded through the additional time and costs associated with the day-to-day management and ongoing user support required for the WLAN. Click Tactics Wireless Management Service provides organizations with a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing their WLAN environment.  By applying the proper expertise, management tools and methodologies to their WLAN devices, Click Tactics customers achieve the maximum business benefit from their technology investment. With Click Tactics Wireless Management service, customers receive:

  • Fault Management – Up/down fault identification, notification, and remediation for contracted WLAN devices
  • Configuration Management – Centralized device configuration platform with regular configuration comparisons and archival of last configuration

Click Tactics Wireless Management service provides an end-to-end management solution to increase the overall reliability and performance of wireless networks.  View the datasheet or contact us to learn more.

Unified communication Solutions


The introduction of voice over IP traffic and real time video traffic onto a data network creates a new level of complexity which presents new support and management challenges.  Unless the network and applications traversing it are operating at peak performance, it can be difficult – if not nearly impossible – for an organization to realize the benefits of their customer

Click Tactics Management service consists of four service elements which have been combined to deliver optimal operational support for organizations utilizing Unified Communications solutions.  Customers receive the following service elements with the UC Management Service:

  • Performance Management – remote monitoring of performance using pre-defined thresholds and trends on all routers, switches, voice gateways, video devices, servers, and applications
  • Remote Telephone Support – Access to the Technical Support Center for feature and functionality questions as well as troubleshooting
  • Critical Patch Updates – Remote system updates of critical patches released by the manufacturer to fix a known issue in the customer’s environment

Customers also have the option of contracting for additional service elements to augment their internal skills, including:

  • Remote Telephone MACDs – Remote administration of telephone moves/adds/changes/deletes

By applying and monitoring, management and knowledgeable support to the devices, applications and the underlying infrastructure, the Management service from Click Tactics helps businesses maximize their Click Tactics Communications investment by improving system and application availability and reducing operational cost.